Celebrating Angélica's voluntary service at Zespołu Szkól nr 4 w Pułtusku.

Bonjour! Cześć! Hallo! Hi! Hola! Merhaba! 

There are so many ways to start an article. I must say that this one is a hard one. Last week we visited the school Zespołu Szkól nr 4 w Pułtusku where I am working during my latest 8 months. I invited my flat mates, friends and family Julia, Marie (From France) and Tuğçe (Turkey) from FIYE Pułtusk to be part of what I think was the way of say thanks to School number four and also goodbye, this is one of the latest articles I am writing for the blog, has been a pleasure to be part of this, ok let’s continue with the story.

We agreed with the English teachers from the school to meet three different groups and spend the morning there. Was so emotional and so sentimental to be with some of my students and some students that I met before travelling with the school. I have not words to express all my gratefulness for this place and this people.

The language café was a really good excuse to celebrate my voluntary service there and was a shock to heard questions form the students and after made the quiz know how much this kids know about culture and even political situation. They are really enthusiastic, open minded and with a lot of energy for learn new facts. The language café was not always the same, each time and each group had a different energy so we were changing some activities and of course something we had in common was the fun.

After playing, quiz, languages and learning facts about Colombia, France, Germany, Poland, Turkey and UK, we went into a concert! Was just marvelous, we came into the Sport room and all students received us with applauses. We will never forget this day at School number four: Zespołu Szkól nr 4 w Pułtusku.

Special thanks to all languages teachers and of course the students. Without them there are no chance of having this activity.


Angélica Camargo Flórez
EVS - Pułtusk 2016