Hellenów's charming - Talking with the volunteers

Hello everyone!

Today is a great day! I had a small trip to Hellenów and I think was really awesome. I had the opportunity to be close to the girls in their daily job. In Hellenów we have four volunteers: Anita from Taiwan, Jackeline from Germany, Luciana from Brazil and Simona from Italy. Sounds wonderful right? They are incredible strong women, full of empathy, patience and have a lot of skills to share with the kids in Hellenów.
Jackeline and Luciana on a morning walk.

Four of them are working with disable people. It is not an easy job and will become a strong and beautiful experience. They have a schedule and every day some of them go for several walks with horses, other take care of the kids during the meals, handcraft and music therapy. 
Luciana enjoying her day at Hellenów.

The place is full of green, so you could find there a peaceful place to enjoy and be positive about therapy. They have really good teachers and incredible kids. I shared some walks and also some handcraft. I met Kuba a really funny guy, we made some hearts for gifts to a person who donated to the club a washer machine.
Anita just arriving from a walk.

Talking with the girls I discovered how EVS and volunteering service change your life. They are trying hard to learn polish and I must say they are on a good way.
Simona at the heart workshop <3
Luciana and Anita are volunteers from ICYE and they are already leaving Hellenów, so this meeting was really emotional, they told me how much they would love to stay. Three months for them was just a breathe. By other hand Jackeline and Simona are EVS, they will be at Hellenów for 10 months, they are really happy in their project and glad of living in this full of nature place.

Thank you very much for follow our stories in Voluntary Service life, we are so happy of being in contact with all of you.

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Na razie!

Angélica Camargo Flórez
EVS - Pułtusk 2016