Language Café at Liceum Ogólnokształcące im Piotra Skargi w Pułtusku

Yesterday  girls from Centrum Międzynarodowej Wymiany Młodzieży i Wolontariatu - FIYE (Julia, Marie and Tuğçe) and I went for the first Language café in the Liceum ogólnokształcące im Piotra skargi w Pułtusku. The appoint  was at 13:25 and the night before we were organizing the details and checking everything for the event. It is nice to see how many ideas come to us when we are in a really comfortable place as our flat in Pułtusk.
We were so excited to introduce our version of jungle speed and also tell them about our countries. We start the meeting introducing ourselves and our countries. That was the open for the ball introduction game, because of that we had the chance to meet the students and feel more comfortable talking about several topics. 

One of the most funny moments were the quiz, when of course Julia put the funny fact about Colombian people drinking coffee with cheese inside, tulips from Turkey and more chickens than people in England. All of us laughs a lot! 
At the end of the event we tried our fantastic version of jungle speed. OMG! Colors, hi, bye, thank you, awesome, what’s up? In 6 different languages! That was just crazy, think about the difference between bleu and blue. Rosado, rose and rosa. Genial and Génial and so on. 
We cannot wait for the next Language café in the Liceum ogólnokształcące im Piotra skargi w Pułtusku. So much fun with the students, this events are about languages but it is not the mean topic, it is about intercultural exchange.

Feel free of be part of our events and activities (we have haribo and some sweets to share ;) )


Angélica Camargo Flórez
EVS - Pułtusk 2016