EVS story from Lisbon - Marysia Wróblewska

Hello everyone,

Mr. Hedgehog is alive again and would like to share EVS experience of our volunteer Marysia in Lisbon. 


…is 105% positive (disclaimer: that doesn’t mean all of the situations are easy, far from that!). As a volunteer I was engaged in many different tasks so far – from bending 1500 paper sheets with Christmas wishes, to making video interviews with local associations from scratch and being responsible for social media channels of the Sport & Youth Department, which is my daily task (you can watch one of my first productions here: http://bit.ly/2nrGeNI). Some of the tasks are individual but very often I work also as a team with fellow volunteers from Italy (Paola & Roberta).  

Here you have a quick review of some of the initiative that we participated in while working in the local ciy hall (Junta de Freguesia de Carnide).  

1.      Participatory Bugeting
Two of our projects wins the prize and will be financed by participatory budgeting founded by Lisbon City Hall. We were responsible for communicating the projects to the community (by facebook,  and in person – delivering leaflets & posters). 

 2.      Solidarity Walk
Solidarity Walk is a charity event with a purspose. For each walk we work with different local charity organization. In order to participate in the walk, every person has to bring something to donate (for example we collected baby clothes for the babies, animal food for the pets and so on). The choosen organizations work closely with the poorest families from the neighbourhood. There are always some suprises during the event. For the first one we prepared some props that were used to make funny photos.

3. Nossa Rua (Our Street)
It’s a revitalization project of the old part of the biggest social housing district on the Iberian Peninsula (and second in Europe). The old part is partially abandoned as the cozy little houses are very old and sometimes in a bad sshape. There are going to be demolished in a few years, but right now there are still home to the oldest inhabitants of the district. The local city hall wants them to fill included and looked-after. That is why they plan to clean front yards and reprint the house that are already abandonned. The empty yards will be offered to the inhabitants so that they could have their own vegetable patches.
4. The same quarter (Bairro Padre Cruz) is now the biggest street art gallery in Europe (there are almost 100 graffities on a quite concentreted area). We were lucky to participate in a course for the local guide organized by the Urban Art Gallery (cultural department of Lisbon City Hall).

5. Sometimes we have also time to actually sightsee. On the very begining we went for the On-Arrival Training to Braga.

6. On the 6th of January (and in June as well) the local city hall organizes a big dinner party for the eldest inhabitants of the district. This year we served meals to 550 people. Every volunteer had at least one table to serve.

Have a nice weekend, 


Thank you, Marysia, for sharing and wishing you good luck in your project!