European Voluntary Service in Wales. Volunteer Marta.

Today we would like to share Marta's story. 
She was EVS volunteer in Wales and even though her project has already finished - her nice memories (and pictures) are still with her :)

(Her project “International Youth Work in South Wales 2013-14 - Bilingual assistance in Merthyr Schools” was coordinated by Una Exchange.)

My name is Marta and I'm 28. I come from a small village near Białystok (Poland).

I was doing my EVS project in Wales (UK) since September 2013 till July 2014. I've chosen that place mainly because of the project - which was bilingual assistance in primary schools, and also due to the beauty of Wales (not the weather ;p). I already used to work as an English teacher in Poland, so this project seemed to be perfect. And it was indeed :-).

Marta with other volunteers from Russia, Portugal, Ukraine, Belgium, Spain and Germany
It was connected with providing support for Polish pupils. Mainly I explained them their tasks during lessons, helped them to settle down in new surroundings and developed children's English skills (one to one sessions). My typical working day started around 9 am and finished at 3.30p.m. Each day I moved by bus to different schools (usually I had 2 per day).

Every month I had a meeting with our EAL staff where we discussed issues concerning pupils, their progress and I also attended to so called Common Days in Cardiff with our coordinator and other volunteers.

Ops, I forgot to mention, that I lived in Merthyr Tydfil with 2 other volunteers.
Marta with her flatmate Olga at Swansea Beach

In front of the Cardiff Castle

What about Wales and local people?

Well, Wales is so beautiful with its landscapes and people so friendly and helpful. Their “All right?” or “Bye love!” almost each time, positive attitude and smiley faces made my days better. Welsh language is...omg, so strange and hard to follow. However I still remember some words, phrases and even one song :-).

Thanks to EVS I had one of the best years in my life and except of a great experience, I visited lots of places not only in UK and met many fantastic people from different countries. We had a lovely time and all these memories will be always in my mind. I miss them, my work, children, everything...wish any new volunteer such a good time!

Brecon Beacons, on the way to the highest peak Pen y Fan