Wales again :) EVS volunteer Krzysiek.

Today we have here Krzysiek's story.
He participates in the same project as Marta – whose story we have already shared. (Marta’s story can be found here.) “International Youth Work in South Wales 2014-15 - Bilingual assistance in Merthyr Schools” coordinated by Una Exchange. But they do not work together, Marta participated before – and Krzysiek came only after.
Now we can read about EVS experience from his perspective. :)


First of all: I’m Krzysiek (Christoff for all non-Polish speakers) and I'm only 19 years old. I come from small town by the Baltic Sea. When I finished my High School I decided to make a gap year to improve my English - and that was the main reason why I decided to go Wales (NEVER NEVER England).

So in September I started my 11 months programme: I'm bilingual assistant in schools, in Merthyr Tydfil. That means I work in schools with small children and I'm a kind of a bridge for them between home where they speak Polish and world around. To be honest most of the time I spend playing with them and having a lot of fun .

The only thing I'm really able to say about this country is that it is absolutely different than continental Europe: starting from damn light bulbs - to strange bank account numbers.

I think that EVS is fantastic experience because it gives you a great lesson of life, it lets you make friends literally all over the world (I met people from Palestine, Mexico and even from Siberia) and furthermore - another great thing is that after that time you see everything in a different way. For example I started appreciating all the thing I had home but they're missing now. 
Well, after all I'll start my studies and exactly English was one of the main reason to volunteer in Wales. Obviously I speak now much better than before, especially I understand more - but it also made me feel much more confident because now I'm sure I would deal wherever I was.

SOOOOOOooo to conclude: whoever you are, wherever you come from, no matter of your English - don't even think you'll not manage, coz YES, you'll DO :)

Why did you emphasized “NEVER NEVER England” ? :)
What I mean is not to mislead England with UK , that is really common, my gran still claims I live in England and many many people do it while it's really upsetting for Welsh and Scots as well.

Do you want to study english when you come back?
Not really , but I’m gonna study abroad - in English. So that's why.

And what is the thing/are the things you miss in Wales - you had back home, in Poland?
Well it's too much too say in word: friends, kind of feeling that you know what is normal and those things that are normall in Poland, food , hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm JUST really a lot, I can't say excactly what.