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Today Dawid Ciecierski our Polish EVS send some news from Serbia, we can see in this post that they are having a lot of fun with the new Super Pro Language Café. As maybe you know Dawid is working in so many fields on his EVS project but one of the most important topic on his job is promotion, so Dawid is taking really serious his job on this topic.
The language Café is organized by Dawid and Eloi Pacaud as a volunteer. The whole idea of ​​the Language Café born out of the fact that is already a popular event in other coutries and nothing you can lose trying to create it on Serbia.

The Language Café is organize every two weeks and each event begins with a presentation focuse on a single language and culture (recently we have doubles type vs for example Czech vs Slovak). Plan language caffee looks something like this:
19:00 - 19:05 Waiting for the people
19:05 - 19:20 Presentation of country, culture, etc
19:20 - 21:00 Talk games *
* On each table there are language games or challenge questions to conduct a conversation.

The whole event is quite popular and on average we have around 100 participants, and the trend is growing. There were also people who will continue to meet after our departure from Serbia.

Dawid explain. :)
It is incredible to find that they have already 100 people participating on the event. As volunteer and also part of Language Café in Pultusk, I know it is not easy to organize and mantein on people the entusiam to participate in this event. All our admiration and congrats to Dawid and his colleague.

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Angélica Camargo Flórez
EVS - Pułtusk 2016